Maven CB: Testing Your Payment Link

Before submitting your product for approval, you must first place a test order for your product as if you were a customer. That way, you can make sure all of your links are working before potential customers try to buy. Testing your payment link also helps ensure your product is approved the first time by ClickBank’s Business Services.

To make a test purchase, you’ll need to use test credit card details that ClickBank provides to you. You will not be able to place test orders using a real credit card number for products that have not been submitted or approved.

To get this test credit card information, click the My Site link under the Settings tab. If you’ve created a product in the My Products tab, you should see a box near the bottom of the My Site page called Testing Your Products.

Next to Test Credit Card Number, click Generate New Card Number. This will create a credit card number, expiration date, and validation code you can use to place test orders. This card information will be valid for 24 hours, after which time it will expire and will no longer be usable for test orders.

Note: If you need to change the test credit card information for any reason, you can click Edit on the right side of the box, and then click Generate New Card Number. This will disable the old test credit card information so it can no longer be used to place test orders for your product.

Take note of the test credit card information, or leave the information open in your Internet browser.

To make a test purchase, go to your Pitch Page and click your payment link or Buy Now button as if you were a customer. On the ClickBank order form, enter any address information you want, along with the test credit card information we provided on the My Site page.

Once the order is submitted and approved, continue the order process as if you were a customer, to ensure you can access or download your product. It’s important to make sure you can access the product, as our product approval team will test this before approving your product for sale.

If you receive errors during a test purchase, here are some things to check:

Is your payment link set up correctly? Is your ClickBank nickname spelled correctly? Did you enter the test credit card information correctly? Do you have the correct item number listed in the payment link? Have you saved your Thank You Page URL in the My Products section of your account?