Maven Email to CRM: Basic Definitions

Email to CRM: Definitions


The first layer of setup is called an account. Each account has an individual serialized email address assigned to it. If you have notification emails coming from several different sources and want them all to be parsed and entered into Infusionsoft you would make multiple accounts.


The second layer is called triggers. Triggers contain the extractions that will parse the desired information. If you have multiple emails coming from the same source but with different formats this feature will allow you to choose which extractions to use for each individual email format. In the trigger area you can choose to forward email notifications to an alternate email address.

Trigger Conditions

Also within the trigger are trigger conditions. A trigger condition allows you to run a specific action set within Infusionsoft based on a specific email. You must define a trigger condition in order to enter the parsed information into Infusionsoft. Simply select which action set you want to run in Infusionsoft. Some emails will always have the same actions run while you will want others to run specific actions based on the email. This can be defined in the variable area. Select where you want the variable to search and define the search. (e.i. subject - contains)


Within the trigger you will define your extractions. Extractions are what determine what information is parsed. Each extraction (e.i. First Name, Last Name, Email) must have a stop and start point in order to correctly extract the desired information. To get an accurate template to setup your extractions, set the serialized email address (e.i. as the notification email in the system you are wanting to automate. With the notification email in your account history, you can now begin to setup accurate extraction points. On the Account History page there are two options to view emails. Most email extractions can be easily defined with the Plain Text version. Start by selecting a constant starting point for each extraction. (e.i. First Name: John) Remember all the extraction start and end points must be constant. One of the best ways to setup the ending extraction point is to choose the next constant and unique phrase. (e.i. First Name: John Last Name: Doe) This will provide a constant yet unique start and stop point for the extraction, thus assuring that the correct information is extracted and added to Infusionsoft.