Maven Analytics: How To Set Up Web Form Tracking Report

Once inside your Maven Analytics app hover over settings and click one the General Settings tab.

-Now head over to your Infusionsoft application, hover over the main navigation menu, then under marketing section click on the reports tab.

-You will see a list of your marketing reports, find and click the Web Form Tracking Report link

-Next (If need be, click Edit Criteria/Columns) Click on the columns tab at the top right and make sure that the contactID and the FormID are in the left Custom Columns section by selecting both in the Available Fields and clicking the arrows in the middle.

- Sort by: Form Date and click Search

-You will see your saved search populate, just click the save button and select your user name the saved search (Ex: MA - Webform Tracking Report).

-Now Head back to your Maven Analytics and re-sync your infusion data by clicking the re-sync InfusionSoft Data button to the bottom right of the page.

-This means that your saved search: MA - Webform Tracking Report is now in the webform tracking report dropdown menu in the upper left of your screen. Simply select the correct report and click the Save button at the bottom left of the screen.

-Now go hover over settings and select InfusionSoft Sync. Finally find the Webform Tracking report and click the Sync Now button and your report will populate.

- CONGRATULATIONS! your Webform Tracking Report is now fully set up.