Maven CB: Basic Setup

Step 1: Login to your Maven CB user interface and enter your Infusionsoft application name along with your Infusionsoft API key and hit save.

Your Infusionsoft application name is found here:

Your Infusionsoft API encrypted key is found inside your infusionsoft applications under Admin >> Settings >> Application tab as shown here.

Now that your Maven CB app is connected through the API to your Infusionsoft application, we are ready to add your click bank account.

Step 2: First click on the Manage Accounts button.

Next click on the “Add An Account button”, and enter the name you will use to refer to your ClickBank account in the Account Label field (This is not seen by customers but should be specific in case you want to add more ClickBank accounts in the future).

After that add in your ClickBank Secret Key.

Click Save Account and Congradulations, your ClickBank account is now fully connected to your Infusionsoft application. Now you are ready to begin adding and conntecting your products.

Step 3: First you will want to click the Manage Products button, next click the Add A Product button.

-This name is whatever you want to call the product inside your Maven CB backend. (It is a good Idea to use a good naming structure if you will have many products.)
If your product is a Subscription specify that here. If not select product.
-In order to find the product ID number: -Login to your clickBank account. -Click the Account setting tab at the top right -Next click the my products tab. -Find the product you want to add and the item
number will be in the second column to the left.
-Now select the corresponding product that you have created inside your infusionsoft application. (If the product you created doesn’t show up, click the Re-Sync button and the products will re poplulate.

Lastly, click Save Work and then Next Step now you are ready to set up the Product Action Sets in Step 4.

Step 4: Now you get to set specific (pre-created) action sets to run when a customer takes one of the following actions.

By selecting these aciton sets ,using tags in Infusionsoft, will allow you to track who has purchased, and what they have purchased. You are able to add them to campaigns and keep that critical, constant connection no matter what product your customers purchases, translating into upsales and more profits.

Lastly click the Next Step button to move on to the product activation page.

Step 5: Product activation is fast and easy!

-First select the ClickBank account that contains the product (Be sure to select the correct one if you have multiple accounts).
-Make sure this dropdown is set to Active and click the Save Work button.

Step 6: Finally you need to add your Instant Notification URL and your secret key to your ClickBank account. You find your Instant Notification URL by clicking on the Manage Products button.

Once you have the Instant Notification URL copied to your clipboard, head over to your clickbank account. Click Settings at the top right of the page, then click My Sites tab. Scroll down Till you reach the Advanced Tools section, and click on >> Edit.

Finally paste your Secret Key, and Instant Notification URL in the fields provided.

Congratulations! Your Maven CB application is now fully set up!

Repeat the earlier steps to add other ClickBank Accounts, and Products. Finally, sit back and enjoy your fully automated, money making, affiliate program.